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about rachel

The acting world has shown me “fortune favors the brave” and you can take notes and direction while maintaining resilience. As a copywriter, those same skills allow me to make bold choices to help grow your business. Being no stranger to constructive criticism means editing down so you get the best final cut on every project to effectively increase brand awareness.

Persuasive messaging that comes from all angles.

Analyzing the how and why helps me to create copy that resonates with your customers and clients. They trust you, tell others about you, and build you a loyal following.

I'm not done unless you're thrilled.

I keep working and reworking until it's just right for you. Your stamp of approval is when the project is finished.

When I'm not writing copy, you can find me hiking or backpacking in the local mountains, rehearsing for a local theater production, or at the dog park with my sweet pup, Riley. 

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